Carob House

Welcome to Carob House






A farm-to-table restaurant, community kitchen, café, and cultural space in Madaba, Jordan.

Local Gastronomy






A gastronomy experience where farmer’s cuisine is revived and celebrated.

Farm-to-table Experiences







Whether it is a farm tour, a cooking workshop or a pop-up dining event, our experiences are designed to revive, celebrate and inspire!

Farming in harmony





At the farm, we’re on a mission to heal our soil and showcase that an abundance of clean, nutritious food is commercially achievable if we work with nature, and respect all creation. 

nourishing ingredients






Our kitchen ingredients are naturally cultivated, super nutritious and locally sourced.

zero food waste






All of our food waste and kitchen scraps are sent back to our farm’s composting system and turned into the organic fertilizer we use to grow more food. Cycle closed, problem solved!









Carob House is a collaborative platform for cooks and artisan producers who share our ethos and zeal for celebrating natural foods.

Carob value network





We are all part of an interconnected food web and each one of us has an impact, no matter how small. We are a community of conscious humans, farmers, small farmers, community-based food artisans, food artists, cooks, tour guides, and food enthusiasts, who closely collaborate, share knowledge and exchange resources to create positive synergies and economic resilience.