Carob Farms – Carob House

Carob Farms






A primal quest into the natural world of abundance; on a mission to heal our soil, design resilient farms, and grow nourishing food.

Our “biggest little farm”






Where we aspire to showcase how mankind can harmoniously live off the land and produce an abundance of nourishing foods for a community.







We use Permaculture design principles to ethically harness natural energies, diminish expensive agricultural inputs, and grow food more efficiently.







We harvest rainwater, sunlight, and organic matter.







We view soil as a living organism and the most precious resource on this planet. Bringing life back to soil to regenerate its fertility is our number one priority.

Building a community






We connect with marginal and small farmers to spread the knowledge and build a community of conscious food producers. 

Educating & inspiring






Our biggest hope is to inspire people to reconnect with their farming roots, revive our indigenous food heritage, and save our soil.