Dessert – Carob House

Carob Brownies & Ice Cream

This rich brownie recipe is made using cocoa and carob powder and sweetened by carob molasses rather than processed sugar.

Carob ice cream, carob bacheeleh (roasted wheat, carob molasses , olive oil), roasted orange, crispy mint leaves.

Carob House Baqlava

Layers and layers of mastic-honey pistachios, artisanal goat cream, homemade fig jam, and ghee-soaked puff pastry. Garnished with wild pistachios – a hard crunch but holds an exotic taste that’s been enjoyed by indigenous people for centuries.

Caraway in Semolina & Dates Molasses

Caraway, semolina, date molasses, mastic, topped with walnuts, pistachio, and pumpkin seeds. We used local semolina instead of rice flour and date molasses instead of sugar. (V)

Khabeesa o Qeshta

Khabeesa (grape leather and wild seeds) , orange blossom cream,  basil jam