For Kids – Carob House


Homemade whole wheat dough, stuffed with lamb and pine nuts in a jameed- yoghurt sauce topped with slivered garlic and pomegranate seeds


Mulokhia stew on a bed of freekeh wheat, topped with garlic-sautéed chicken and red sweet pepper.

Chicken Nuggets

We know our kids can sometimes be difficult, so we thought to create this homemade nuggets recipe with red cabbage and carrot. We coupled it with sweet potato chips and ketchup. All made in house  from scratch – no sugar, no hidden additives.

Kufta Sandwich

Our heritage kufta recipe (your choice of meat: lamb/beef or chicken) in wholewheat bread, accompanied by sweet potato chips and homemade ketchup of a purée of tomato, pomegranate molasses, honey, garlic, and onion. No sugar, no hidden additives.
The lamb/beef kufta comes with hummus spread inside, while the chicken version comes with garlic mayo. Again, all homemade.