Salads, Hummus & Mazze – Carob House


Shankleesh cheese, tomato, onion and olive oil, topped with chives and pomegranate seeds. (VG/GF) 

Strawberry Tarragon Salad

Strawberries, radish and cucumber with tarragon, mix herbs, kale, yoghurt herbal dressing topped with almonds and anise seeds (VG/GF) 

Fattet Hummus

Sourdough bread, tahini, chickpeas, lemon, sumac, parsley, pine nuts in your choice of olive oil or herbal ghee (V or VG)

Braised Lamb Hummus

Homemade hummus, braised local lamb, pine nuts, olive oil, and optional red hot chili pepper. (GF)

Kale & Beetroot Hummus

Homemade hummus, sauteed kale, beetroot, slivered garlic, green chili salsa, roasted pine nuts, topped with olive oil. (V/GF) 


Homemade hummus, lemon-green chili salsa, roasted pine nuts in your choice of olive oil or herbal ghee. (V or VG/ GF) 

Carob House Roots Salad

Roasted seasonal roots,  sessional green mix,  chickpeas,  pine nuts, tahini-carob-molasses dressing. (V/GF)