The Pantry – Carob House

Red Chili Paste

Prepared at Carob House. Vinegar and salt are added as preservatives.

White Cheese

Prepared by Um Farouq – our dairy artisan at Jabal Bani Hamida, this bedouin cheese is made from local sheep milk and preserved in salted water. Soak in fresh water a few hours before use.


Prepared by our dairy artisan at Mukawir village, this dehydrated-salted yogurt is how bedouins preserved their dairy for ages, and is still a corner rock in Levantine bedouin cuisine.

Herbal Ghee

Prepared by a dairy artisan in Jabal Bani Hamida and flavored by a special mix of foraged herbs and spices.

Pomegranate Molasses

Sourced from the indigenous residents of Orjan village, this sweet and sour molasses is great for cooking and as a dressing. No added sugar.

Carob Molasses

Foraged from Ajloun forest and cooked by indigenous women in the adjacent Wahadneh village. This molasses is of artisanal quality, and no sugar is added.