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Olive Oil زيت الزيتون

Unfiltered – Cold Pressed

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Our artisanal olive oil comes from the finest, handpicked olive fruits that are cold pressed into fresh oil and naturally-decanted preserving the highest nutritional value and the richest taste.


Our olive trees were planted in the late 1920’s and have been organically grown ever since. At our farm, everything is grown naturally. Chemical  pesticides and herbicides are strictly prohibited and we only use compost that we make ourselves using organic material. We add that around the trees once a year in winter and hope for a good rain season.


We typically handpick our olive fruits in late November/ early December after a couple of rainfalls. Unlike some modern farmers who choose to pick their olives early in October and early November, we strongly prefer to stick to indigenous wisdom and wait till the fruits are fully developed and the trees have been rainfed and washed from all the dust.


The fruits are then handpicked and cold pressed to produce the best oil quality. We never filter our olive oil because we know that the green organic material retain much of the nutritional value. Instead, after the press, we store all our oil in special large containers inside a dedicated cool, dark and dry room where the oil is left to naturally decant. The fermented sediment is periodically removed from the bottom to preserve the quality and maintain the preferred acidity level throughout the storage period.


And we only bottle upon order. So at anytime of the year you make an order, your oil is filled out of the purest olive oil to assure you are getting the finest possible olive oil out there – an artisanal method that we take pride in!


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