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Cultivating Sustainability: Our Permaculture Path at Carob Farms

In recent years, our team has embarked on a journey to deepen our understanding of Permaculture and its transformative design principles. We see Permaculture as a holistic approach that offers sustainable solutions in our interaction with nature and in fulfilling our needs. Essentially, it’s a blend of art and science that guides us in designing habitats, gardens, and farms, not just for short-term benefits, but for enduring abundance and harmony with nature.

A pivotal moment in this journey was in 2021 when I enrolled in an online Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course led by Geoff Lawton, a globally recognized authority in permaculture. The course was enlightening, and it was an honor to later meet Geoff in person. His expertise became even more instrumental when we invited him to consult on the redevelopment of Carob Farms. Our goal was ambitious: to transform the farm into a model of surplus production and ecological balance.

This venture was made possible through the generous support of our angel donors, Garth and Suzan Smith. Their visit to our farm last summer and their engagement with our vision played a crucial role in bringing this dream to fruition.

During Geoff’s consultations, which involved two intensive visits to our farm, we spent hours discussing various elements and exploring potential enhancements. His guidance was invaluable in the creation of a mainframe plan that has set us on a clear path.

As we begin the implementation of these designs, we’re filled with anticipation and excitement for the future of Carob Farms. While the journey towards full transformation is just starting, each step brings us closer to realizing our vision of ecological sustainability and abundance through permaculture principles. We look forward to sharing updates and milestones as we progress on this path of harmonious coexistence with nature.