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Food Security is No Big Deal!

Well that’s because it really isn’t. If 1 to 2 cubic meters of organic compost is enough fertility to grow food to feed 1 person for a whole year, we can easily produce enough nutritious food to feed everyone. We certainly do not lack the resources and do not need to spend a penny on chemical and fossil fuel inputs.

What we really lack is ethics and proper knowledge. The knowledge of smartly harvesting natural energies: sun, water and air and the ethics to do so in a regenerative manner that actually benefits Earth and secures soil fertility.

Our conventional food production systems are obsolete. They have failed to deliver clean and safe food, and massively contributed to our environmental crisis.
We can’t keep on supporting agriculture in its current form. Adaptation strategies aren’t going to take us anywhere because the whole ship is sinking. What we need is a whole new ship that is capable sailing and navigating the seas of abundance.


Change is the only constant, and it is up to us: producers, consumers, governments, designers and development programmers to choose what sort of change we seek and design our way out of the quicksand that we’re stuck in.

@carobfarms we took it on ourselves to keep on pounding these drums over and over again until more and more people wake up to the realization that fixing our relationship with nature is our species’ only feasible solution. But we’re not only drumming, we’re also devising solutions and demonstrating simple applications.
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